Red Varietals

Cabernet Sauvignon
Complex, hearty red with bold flavors of cherry, cedar and chocolate. Pair with rack of lamb, T-bone steak and wild game.

Medium-to-full bodied red with a subtle, herbaceous flavor and soft tannins. Pair with meatloaf, grilled tuna and eggplant parmesan.

Full-bodied, bold and fruity red bursting with berries and spice. Pair with BBQ, red pasta sauce and pizza.

Pinot Noir
Rich, smooth red with delicate notes of black cherries and cloves. Pair with duck, salmon and turkey.

Lush, smoky red with a hint of vanilla and rich, dark fruits. Pair with pizza, cabrito and tamales.

Smokey red with soft tannins, toasted oak, berries and plums. Pair with beef stew, grilled meats, pizza and wild game.

Smooth-textured red varietal spiced with wild raspberries and licorice. Pair with beef, pork, pasta dishes and cheese.

Deep, dark red with notes of raspberry, cinnamon, cherry-chocolate, clove and brown sugar. Pair with raspberries and chocolate, as well as duck, venison and brisket.

A black grape, originating in Spain, with strong color and tannin. Aroma often includes thyme, clove, cinnamon, black pepper, violet, and blackberry with hints of heavy oak, smoke, toast, or sweet wood. Pairs wonderfully with game, steak, and tomato sauces.

Cabernet Franc
A blue-black grape, originating in France, is a lighter Cabernet Sauvignon producing a bright, pale-red wine. Aroma often includes bell peppers, raspberry, and plum with hints of vanilla, oak, smoke, and mushroom flavors.

Gamay Noir
A purple-colored grape, originating in France, used to make light-bodied, fruity, red wines. Gamay Noir à Jus Blanc, its full name, dates back to the 1400s. Aroma often includes bananas, black pepper, and black currant.

White Varietals

Blanc du Bois
Light, fresh-finished white with notes of grapefruit and apples. Pair with fish with lemon butter sauce, pasta Alfredo and pineapple chicken.

Crisp, unobtrusive white accented by rich, fruit flavors and a floral bouquet. Pair with Indian cuisine, Greek salad and Jamaican pork.

Clean, crisp, well-balanced white with big flavors of citrus and oak. Pair oak-aged with light beef with cream sauces or smoked chicken; unoaked with lobster and veal.

Pinot Grigio
Creamy, slightly perfumed white with rich color and a fresh palate. Pair with TexMex, gulf fried shrimp and oysters.

Intense, slightly spicy white with notes of floral, peach and apricot. Pair with lettuce wraps (Chinese), white fish with mango salsa and paella.

Sauvignon Blanc
Silky smooth white with floral, grassy and delicate herbal properties. Pair with fish, shrimp, cream soups and veggies.

Chenin Blanc
Delicate, floral white with a dry, well-balanced finish. Pair with cheese crepes, quiche and Waldorf salad.

Orange Muscat
Fruity, sweet white with notes of gooseberry and orange peel. Pair with ice cream, dark chocolate and smoked salmon.

Muscat Blanc
Light, fragrant white accented by coriander, peach and citrus flavors. Pair with fish, pasta, raw vegetables and soups.

Muscat Canelli
Fresh, fruity white retaining the zesty flavors of the grape. Pair with chocolate, fresh fruit, fish and pasta.

A white grape with a pink to rose skin, native to northeast Italy, producing an off-white wine with an off-dry, flamboyant bouquet. Aroma often includes roses, floral notes, and passion fruit often accompanied with some fine bubbles on the inside of the glass. Pairs wonderfully with smoked Salmon, Munster cheese, and fatty (oily) game as well as Asian cuisine.

White Cabernet Sauvignon (Shalistin)
A white grape, one of two “sports (or colors)” of Cabernet Sauvignon, native to Australia is one of two “gris (or grays)” of Cabernet Sauvignon well known as a producer of full-bodied, fruity wines that are rich, complex and intensely flavorful. First identified in 1991 in Australia, this fruit, through careful propagation, is gaining popularity in many continents and on many wine-shop shelves too.

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