Unveiling: Texas Wine And Winery Guide, July 02, 2008

After seventeen-plus months in planning overlapped by eleven-plus months in development, the Texas Wine And Winery Guide is ready for its debut. This state-of-the-art, database-driven, brochure-ware, web application was developed by a team of nine, senior, computer-science students and two doctorial advisors, to help serve the marketing needs of those in and associated with the Texas wine industry.

So, if you’re interested in Texas wines, we hope you’ll “Witness Texas Wines in a Whole New Light™” on this Guide. And if you’re interested in touring Texas, our Guide is about “Bringing you more of the Texas Experience™ by making wineries and their events a whole lot easier to find. Either way, all of us at the Texas Wine and Winery Guide wish you well on your sojourn through both the lore and lure of the Texas wine industry.

And as the Guide's Publisher, I look forward to hearing from you; so, email me your inquires, comments, and/or requests so we can continue enhancing the Guide to meet your needs. And tell your friends and those you meet on the Texas wine trail about this Guide and your Texas-wine-trail experiences. I thank you for visiting our Guide, appreciate your interest in Texas wines, and look forward to meeting you. Best regards,

Larry E. Epp, Publisher

Trinity Wine-Tasting Event, May 13, 2008

A wine-tasting event, featuring the wines of Fall Creek Vineyards and Texas Hills Vineyards, was held on campus at Trinity University in the Holt Center Dining Room on May 13th after the final presentation of the Texas Wine And Winery Guide website by the senior-class, development team in the Computer Science Department at Trinity University. About fifty--including the nine project team members, staff, and professors—tasted and enjoyed four wines poured by each winery.

This event was hosted by and Wineries in Texas, the architect of www.TexasWineAndWineryGuide.com, and the Computer Science Department at Trinity University. Mr. Epp applauded the development-team members and thanked Dr. Pitts and others for their participation in seeing his vision of a website helping grow the entire Texas wine industry through marketing of its wines become a reality.

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